Call for papers / Send your paper

We would be delighted to count you amongst the pool of speakers for this year's event. Please note that despite this being a call for papers and us using the terms speaker, the SCBCN mixes many types of contents: talks, open space, dojos and workshops; so we use the term speaker and papers loosely.

We’ve seen that attendees value talks, but sessions of all formats are welcome. We’ve also received great feedback for sessions where the speaker allowed time for interruptions and debate, over exhaustive review of a cooked slide deck.


There’s no central topic for SCBCN’22 so you have complete freedom regarding your session’s subject. In case you need some hints regarding topics, we gathered past sessions and published them online (probably at our youtube channel and Autentia channel). Also, after several years of preparing the SCBCN we’ve gathered some feedback regarding what the attendees value, so here are some tips to help you come up with a great session:

  • - Favor general topics over specific tools/languages.
  • - Talks get 55 minute slots. Workshops and dojos get 110 minute slots. Allocate time on your session for debate/discussion.
  • - We’re opening this year some slots for lightning talks (5-7 minutes talks with 3 minutes for questions at the end).
  • - Consider entry-level sessions, as there’s always apprentices.
  • - Hands-on sessions are very popular.
  • - We invite all first-time speakers to use the SCBCN as their sandbox. There’ll be slots reserved for first-timers. Overcome your fear of speaking in tech events.
  • - If you are looking for a debate or you are interested in something but not prepared to host a session, consider proposing it during the Open Space that takes place during the event.
  • - The maximum number of speakers for a talk is 2.

Important details

The Call for Papers deadline is 10 July 2022.
The Conference Schedule will be published on 1th September.
To send a Session Proposal please use the submission form.